Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Re-conquest of the stolen revolution

Actually, I am speechless. Too much violence, too much bad news. After a few hours‘ sleep my alarm clock woke me up only to read a sms from an Egyptian student: she would not come to the lessons since she had been watching the events on TV all night… Well, what should I say?
In the same way as police was using excessive violence, protestors have been flocking to the streets all day, are ready to give their lives. Activists and political parties are setting up their clear demands. Field hospitals have been established. The demonstrations are starting to be as well organised as they were in January and February. For me, it’s really the second uprising. Ten months are lost and Egypt has dearly paid for it. I understand the expression “stolen revolution” much better now. But I think that the Egyptians are getting it back.
The cabinet has allegedly resigned – the SCAF has refused the resignation however. I am convinced that within the next 36 to 48 hours the course will be set anew. Sorry, if I allow myself to make predictions – can’t help it anymore.

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