Friday, April 16, 2010


It’s evening. It’s already dark outside and Ahmed, my German student is sitting opposite me. He is an excellent student, almost always does his homework – at least, when he’s on the ball. In the evening, he is exhausted because he works as a diving instructor and is giving the sunny boy. That’s why he has many regular guests and they all love him.

In fact, he has studied law in Alexandria. He could work as a lawyer there, but then, his French wife would not be able to find a job. So he works on the Red Sea as a diving instructor and so does his wife.
We are practising auxiliary verbs. Today, it’s the verb “to want” (“möchten” in German). We conjugate I want, you want, he wants, … Then we build sentences with a choice of given words.

And then, I ask him to build sentences on his own with the verb „to want“!

Ahmed’s eyes turn to a faraway place und articulates slowly word by word:

We… want… democracy!

(April 2010)