Monday, May 5, 2014

The lost people – appeal for help

In March, it was raining all over Egypt, but mainly in the South. Pictures in internet showed streets washed away and cars enabled to continue. Water was streaming down on the walls inside of newly built houses. As everybody else, I first thought about myself and my belongings stored in a basement – I still can’t believe that they shouldn’t have got soaked just there. I read the reports of Europeans and the damages on their properties. Until Maged, an Egyptian friend reminded me of all those, that do NOT own property! I felt ashamed… and imagined how the cardboard houses would look like after the rain.

credit: Hurghada-Cairo road by Luc Latif

A German friend of mine who has been living in Egypt for almost 40 years, doesn’t talk but does act. One month has already passed since the deluge, the media focuses on El Sisi and the terrorists, and the property owners are repairing the damages. Everything else seems to be forgotten.

Some of the lost people are Egyptian Bedouins. They anyway don’t possess a lot, live in the barren desert with their cattle herds and some families make some extra income thanks to tourism – which is rare these days. My friend – Robby Schropp – knows them. The Bedouins are his friends and partners. When they need help, they turn to him for they can’t count on the government.

If it rains in the mountains, the floods wash away everything on their way: rocks, vegetation, cattle, people, cars and camps. The water rolls as a torrent towards the coast and concentrates in huge puddles and gradually evaporates – it doesn’t drain off anywhere. 

During the last rainfall in March, many Bedouins have lost the little they owned – except for what they were wearing on their body. They need medicine, medical help, cloths, blankets, food, building material, cattle and much more. Just today, Robby rushed into the desert together with a doctor – at his own expense.

I’d like to support Robby’s actions and ask you to help me. We can already buy some medicine for as little as 10 Euro and several blankets with 50 Euro. I wouldn’t ask you if I didn’t trust Robby.  Have a look at the pictures of a camp after the rain… 

credit: all photos by Robby Schropp

Those who want may contact Robby here: or get in touch with me.   

Your donation doesn’t disappear in administration, certification and advertising of a well- known charity organization, but is used directly there where it helps immediately.

Thanks to all of you, who feel addressed and wish to help with a small amount.

El Qamar