Sunday, July 27, 2014

A coin recounts

Following the present homicidal events in Palestine, we can hardly imagine that once upon a time, there was unity - even in politics. The coin here is a proof:

Yet how far away are we from those days!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Who is the owner of the holy land?

Here's a video, that shows in a sarcastic way who became the rulers of Palestine and how he reached that position:

I found this on: Free Arabs

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Butchering in the Gaza strip

This morning, I had already started a text about Israel and Hamas, but soon I deleted it. Yet now, I cannot contain myself anymore:

Only today, at least hundred civilians (that are real human beings: babies, small children, teenies, mothers, fathers, elderly, disabled!!!!) have been wilfully butchered. The pictures show cruelty, they show people seeking shelter in basements. I cannot understand why nobody wants or can stop those lunatics… or should they not be stopped at all? Hamas sacrifices Palestinians and Israel does the same. Do human lives not count at all in politics? Do we live in the darkest middle age? Who gains from this slaughter? Spontaneously, I see: jihadists, especially IS (the new Islamic State that is in my view the next, most serious danger outside of the region). Hence, Hamas is digging its own grave and Israel provokes a savage war.

The attacks are happening in Ramadan, the holy month of the Muslims – this is like our Christmas and Easter. Hundreds of thousands have fled to where ever and several hundreds of Palestinians were killed these days by Israelis.

The Near and Middle East hosts already enough extremist and jihadist-groups and their hateful worriers with Al Qaida, Ansar Bait El-Maqdis, the Muslim Brothers, IS, Jabhat Al Nusra, Hamas and others.

Hate breeds only more hate. How hateful must the Palestinians be with good reason? By this butchering, only more hate will be incited and more bloodthirsty jihadists will be born!
Does nobody really see the danger coming from the Near and Middle East for the adjacent regions? Is the West so happy that all the jihadists bustle in this region and that they have allegedly got rid of them? The shot might sooner or later turn to be a boomerang. Nobody intervenes, to beware Palestinians, Syrians and Iraqis from these extremists – this won’t go well for long. Beware of what lies ahead of us!


The ultimate inhumanity show Israelis, sitting outside in the evening, watching rocks bursting in the Gaza strip and cheering them as well as celebrating each dead Palestinian.
How lowlife!

I feel ashamed about the silent Western politicians!

The lost people II

In May I posted an appeal for help. It was about helping the Bedouins living in the Red Sea Mountains after they had lost all their belongings due to the torrential rains in March. Thanks to all of you who contacted Robby Schropp and to all my friends for their confidence and support.

Off the lorry tracks, Robby and the Bedouins built a market place between 2009 and 2011. Here, producers from the interior met with purchasers from the coast who sold cheese, eggs, meat and wool. A huge water reservoir stored the most precious good in the desert.

Before choosing the site, the council of elders was contacted and none of them remembered having seen deluge of water in this area. The site was considered as safe – however, nature decided differently.

Please have a look of what has become the market place:

Whether the site can be rebuilt any time in the future is unclear for lack of funds. If you wish to help, please get in touch with Robby or with me.

Monday, July 14, 2014

The small difference: to act or to look away

Hundreds of Millions of people are watching on TV these days, how 22 men are scrapping over a ball. The event is called World Football Championship and is a huge money factory orchestrated by the media. With the half-finals at the latest, even those fall for it that usually don’t care about this ball game. Everybody watches.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Our error

By „our“ I refer to people like me, who grew up in the West with liberal and democratic backgrounds. Therefore, I guess I am not the only one.

By „error“ I refer to all those hopes for a better (Arab) world projected into our minds by the media when the term „Arab spring“ became a meaning. At the latest in November 2010 I started to ask myself how long it would take until the Egyptians would get up jointly to rebel against the dictatorship; now, after more than three years, I feel disappointed and frustrated, sometimes sad. But I am not alone, here as well.

Egyptians will probably not so soon feel as united, hopeful, proud and happy as they did during the demonstrations after the 25 January 2011 and until Mubarak’s overthrow. Those were thrilling days charged with emotions. Built-up during decades, suppression, fury and anger about injustice and despotism finally found a way out. All Egypt burst with joy and celebrated the alleged triumph. A wave of enthusiasm splashed over the country: streets were swept, garbage was cleared away and at one go with the dead buried, harm was put away.

The huge hope for equity, an honest Egypt and a better live were smashed with specific and terrible events and lay astray like broken fragments after a bomb raid. Today, more than three years later, Egypt is further away from a state of law, democracy and respect for human rights than it was in January 2011. Instead, it is celebrating another dictator and considers him as their saviour.

None of the many of Egypt’s problems have been resolved and none of the people’s demands have been fulfilled. The transitional and elected governments came and supported the regime – yet not the revolution. The revolutionaries are locked behind bars, disappointedly turned their backs, flew abroad or got killed. The state is de facto bankrupt and is being kept alive by foreign financial backers. Are the people too weak?