Wednesday, November 23, 2011

People’s power

Atrocious scenes are happening all over Egypt, police is using incredible violence. Nevertheless, streets and places are crackingly full.

Meanwhile, SCAF has made some concessions. Procedure and pictures are very much alike those earlier this year: the people demand, the rulers give in bit by bit, make promises, lie, but do not meet the most vital demand. At the same time, tear gas (and allegedly nerve gas) and rubber bullets are shot at protestors with utmost brutality, hunted through the streets and heavily beaten. The only difference compared to January/February seems to be that the police’s violence is much stronger. And: soldiers have disappeared! Field Marshal Tantawy said in his speech that the army had never shot at protestors and that the army would stick to their main task which is protecting Egypt’s people – but at the same time they let the police ravage.

Egyptians are angry and want one thing only: Tantawi must go. They will not give up, as little as they gave up in February. The people’s power is big and Tantawi will have to bow out.

By now, some political parties and groups have agreed how to proceed after Minister Essam Sharaf’s resignation. Somehow, it must go on, the country needs finally to calm down.

Short while ago, a friend called me sobbingly, that tear gas would be thrown into Tahrir square (no, it comes in from the side streets where battles are taking place and probably from the underground entrances). She would like to be in Tahrir – but her husband is already in Cairo, the risk would be too high – they have got children.

I’d like to go to sleep, but I can’t. Something is yet to happen… The army has failed completely and have lost people’s recognition and admiration. And this slaughter cannot continue for another four days!

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