Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Although the SCAF has made concessions, although an investigation of the violence is taking place and the Health Minister has spoken about life ammunition against demonstrators – the massacre goes on. Police is not being ordered to retreat, in the contrary…

It seems as if demonstrators should be demoralized and divided. Wrong calculation, this will not happen.

As bad as the situation might look in many Egyptian cities, I can assure my readers: Hurghada is as calm as a holiday resort has to be. Allegedly there have been demonstrations of sympathy in Dahar – but peaceful.

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  1. Hello
    I found ur blog recently by total luck and I am glad to read such a different point of view on Hurghada and Egypt as well.
    I wanted to invite u to this group
    I joined them once b4 and really liked the progress achieved, so if u have time feel free to join to keep Hurghada clean.


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