The wind is whispering

The wind is whispering
hardly can I catch a silent unspoken word
does it whisper ''?
does it whisper '...must...'?
but what trust, what must?
or does it whisper '...believe...'?
or does it rather whisper '...leave...'?
but what believe, what leave?
does it whisper '...forget...'?
or does it whisper '...get...'?

Muddled, shaggy, whisked syllables
in a frenzy dream that ends only
in a frenzy reality with muddled shaggy whisked syllables

that only make sense in a world without
the wind whispering silent unspoken words.

Yet the wind gets stronger, whirls bits and pieces of words through my dreams, my mind, my heart, my soul... can't get hold of any... drowning between 'trust - believe - get' and 'must - leave - forget'.

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