Sunday, November 20, 2011

On the verge of elections (IV)

Today’s demonstrations will have consequences, I wrote yesterday late. They continued today and will not abate so quickly. The massive violence against the protestors used by police and military police is incredible. At the same time, officials stress that police has shown the utmost restraint! More than thousand injured and at least six deaths within only 48 hours, and countless pictures and videos on TV and internet speak for themselves. Huge amounts of teargas have been thrown and people are bleeding from nose and mouth; some are suffering from suffocation. Is this called restraint???

Across the country, people take to the streets: Alexandria, Port Suez, Ismailia, Minya, Tanta, Asiut, Qena… and everywhere, the same pictures can be seen: protesters demand the military rulers to leave and police is responding with excessive force.

What next? The protestors demand the resignation of field marshal Tantawi and a civil government that should implement the revolution’s demands. However, this is not possible at present. But the Egyptians will not accept empty promises any more – they have been waiting too long for facts. So will the protestors be dispersed by even more force? I can’t believe they will give in easily: they are very determined now.

And what about the elections? Can’t imagine they should take place soon…

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