Sunday, November 20, 2011


One, no, two real earthquakes. Yesterday morning, the building in which I live trembled for a small eternity. Long enough to think about what I should do. Run outside? Go on the balcony – how stupid. I also thought of those people who experienced stronger earthquakes and lost all their belongings and beloved ones. But then, this strange rattling and trembling of those things that normally seem to be solid stopped.

I forgot it again because last night’s events kept my mind rather busy.

Yet this morning – I was still lying in bed – I felt again this well-known vibration; however this time it lasted less long and was less strong. Nevertheless, I withheld my breath for an instant… listened… felt… would it become stronger?... would it last longer?... No.

Instead, the brutal violence of police and military against protestors has fully re-appeared.

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