Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Opposition united

Yesterday afternoon and during the night, there were demonstrations in each of Egypt’s cities. I am impressed and enjoyed. The opposition has united and has made a clear demand on the president: to retrieve from the constitutional declaration, to call off the referendum and to appoint a constituent assembly representing all Egyptians.

When it became known that Moursi had left the presidential palace, people around me rejoiced, although it did not really mean anything.

I was also impressed by the march amidst women and men. Many held up home-made posters; the most common slogan was “go”. This was also the call most heard. “Down with Moursi’s regime” and “liberty” were others. The demands are the same everywhere, the slogans, sentences and chants did not sound different in Alexandria, Cairo, Luxour and Assiut from those in Hurghada.

What is going on in a persons‘ mind who at the beginning of his presidency of a country that is almost suffocating from its problems promises he would be a president for all, he would protect the demands of the revolution, he would improve the living conditions, fight against corruption and so on… and a short while after he turns out to be the worst dictator ever? Is this politics?
In Hurghada as well, more people took to the street yesterday. And they stood on the balconies. The young women in front of me waived about her posters and shouted “liberty”. I followed their eyes and saw those black veiled ghosts in the semi-darkness… I shivered… those ghosts up there showed their fists downwards. All the more, the women around me shouted: “liberty”.

What next? Will Moursi yield to the pressure or even resign? If he only yields to the pressure, then a small but important battle would have been won, though the way to “bread and liberty” remains long. In case he should resign: who or what follows? I can’t imagine that the bearded will give in. They fight tooth and nail to expand their empire. I hope Egypt does not give up.

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