Thursday, December 6, 2012

Clashes in Cairo

Again clashes in Cairo. These are once more the headlines that go around the world. Who is behind the clashes, cannot be learned from the media.

In spring 2011, Al Jazeera reported almost around the clock from the events in Cairo. Since the Muslim Brothers are in power, the channel exercises restraint. Why? Qatar supports the Muslim Brothers and Al Jazeera belongs to the Emir. However yesterday, Al Jazeera reported lengthily. It doesn’t only catch my eye that the Western media abstains from critics about the Muslim Brothers. They turn their coat…

Since the Muslim Brothers and Salafis protest, there are seriously injured and deaths. They have been brought in by busses, heavily armed. Opponents have been taken out of their groups and to the Islamists and there they have been beaten violently. Muslim Brothers and Salafis are the very “faithful” ones, those that hide behind the religion and who defend their “democratically elected” president with violence! They have announced it and they kept their word.

Where is the president? Yesterday, the vice-president announced that he would be ready for a compromise regarding the constitution. Why did he not show up by himself? Is he scared? Does he refuse to represent the MB’s line? Why did he have to meet the supreme guide of the MB? After all, he officially resigned from the MB, didn’t he?

Egyptians are fed up from dictatorship and hypocrites and will not give up.

Update: allegedly, Moursi will speak to the people today.

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