Sunday, December 23, 2012

Constitution referendum finished

Last night, the second part of the referendum about the controversial constitution was finished.
Even before the official results were published, Moursi nominated 90 members for the Shura Council; this should have happened only after the publication of the results. The members of the Shura Council may issue laws as long as no new Parliament has been elected. This is another hint – for me and others – that the result of the voting was known beforehand.

The voting process was as irregular as never seen before in Egypt; although the country has seen plenty of rigged voting results. Yet, all proves of manipulation, vote buying, coercion, intimidation, polling stations opened too late or closed too early, false or missing supervisors are useless. There is no way to claim right and justice because Egypt has become a lawless state: there is only the Muslim Brothers’ despotism.

In this situation, the gossip factory is working overtime: Moursi was very ill, can be read; the Central Bank’s director resigned last night. This resignation however has been denied again. There’s no smoke without fire, a proverb says. Therefore, nothing surprises me anymore. I would not be surprised at all, if Moursi was declared insane and Khairat El Shater would finally take over the rule. He is the initial presidential candidate but was legally enabled to run for the presidency. There is no Vice-President anymore since he resigned two days ago. Then, no surprise if the seat of the Central Bank’s director and other key positions in finance and economy would be taken by Muslim Brothers. What is happening right now only gets the label “legally correct”.

Yet, these are still rumours and my personal speculations. The latter happened to turn out to be wrong as well, for example those that the Military would never allow the MB to come to power. The Military tolerate this because the MB ensure to leave the Military’s benefice untouched. However, will the Military also tolerate the country to tumble further and see their benefice in danger?

Egypt will soon rub its eyes aghast when it realises what is going to happen. The president (I do not say Moursi) has more powers in his hands as Mubarak ever had! Nip it in the bud…

… I think it’s too late.

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