Thursday, December 13, 2012

Muslim Brothers reveal their true face

“We have to give him a chance“, Egyptians said after Moursi’s election as Egypt’s President. They didn’t want to see what was about to come.

During five months, Moursi didn’t do anything for Egypt. He travelled around the world, begging for money, investments and trust. He said that a new area had started in Egypt where democracy and justice prevailed and that soon the people would be better off.

At the end of November he, respectively the Muslim Brothers, stroke. By issuing the constitutional declaration, Moursi empowered himself above law and jurisdiction. Hence, he contradicted a pillar of democracy and rule of way: separation of powers.

Since this time, Egyptians take to the streets: first to protest against this constitutional declaration, then against the Islamic constitution that was hastily knocked together and finally, to demand the bringing down of the Muslim Brother regime.

Meanwhile it is clear for everybody: it is not Moursi who rules but the Muslim Brothers. They govern with tricks, lies, specific disinformation, denunciation and ignoring all constitutional achievements.

On 5th December, Egypt saw brutal violence: Egyptians attacked their fellow countrymen near the Presidential Palace. It was a battle between incited Salafists and Muslim Brothers against opponents. Thanks to eye witness accounts and videos it is known what really happened. Protestors from the opposition were dragged out of the crowd and brought to the Presidential Palace; there they were brutally beaten and tortured. Police watched and did not intervene because they had no orders! The torturers received their orders by phone directly from Badie, the MB boss, and went inside the Palace to receive further orders. Doctors close to the MB refused medical aid (!!!), drivers of ambulances refused to transport the heavily abused to the hospital for medical care. A dentist was filmed while torturing; a suit is filed against him.

When asked why they beat so fiercely, a thug answered, they were told that the protestors were drugged, infidels and agents from abroad! Copts were attacked even worse. There is a video on Youtube showing such a group of thugs while doing their “training” in Cairo; their scaring figures reminded me of photos of the Mutshaheddin in Afghanistan.

The heavily wounded and bleeding protestors were captivated beside the Presidential Palace and handed over to the Police hours later; they had been armed. The prosecutor released all of them because there were no evidences. Yesterday or this morning, the newly appointed (MB) general prosecutor offset the prosecutor to Beni Suef and appointed a MB prosecutor; tonight, this decision was retrieved.

President Moursi didn’t show his face during 48 hours after these violent clashes. However, the MB leaders spoke. They said they had nothing to do with what happened but “confessions” of the captured were proof that they had to be detained and treated that way. They (the MB) also said that they would defend their President and their constitution – as if they were the government!

Ironically, it is thanks to an ex-ambassador that the West (especially the USA) gradually gets to learn about the violent actions; he as well was mangled and tortured; he was released only when his ID revealed that he was a diplomat.

Well-known oppositions, liberals, journalists, politicians and activist figure on a death list.

After tomorrow, a referendum about this controversial draft constitution will be held. Ballot boxes with Yes-votes have already appeared. Many Egyptians are excluded from the voting process because they cannot go to their home-governments.  In addition, Moursi enacted another law to limit the right to vote. The majority of the judges boycott to oversee the referendum – now military has to.

Today, a Copt was sentenced to three years of prison because of blasphemy. His “crime”: he uploaded the primitive video that mocks Prophet Mohammed on his facebook page!

This is Egypt after an uproar that demanded „bread, freedom and justice“ and that toppled its dictator: there is no separation of power, the police takes orders from the Muslim Brothers and the referendum on the constitution is made up to result in a Yes vote.

These are all signs of fascism. Europe is over it. Why do Europe and the USA support the MB by sending Billions of US Dollars and Euros? The daily news and reports, law changes and twists as well as the revelations by activists recall an inner film that I allocated to the past. Yet history indeed seems to repeat itself: fascism, National Socialism.

A friend told me that Egypt has to go through this. The activists will continue their task knowing that the referendum will result in a Yes. Today and tomorrow, information gatherings are being held all over the country where plain people explain to plain people why they should vote No. The activists don’t give up and continue spreading knowledge about justice and injustice, democracy and human rights like a snowball.

Tonight, I asked my taxi driver how business was. He replied that it went not bad as far as tourism was concerned. But referring to Egypt, it was very bad. He said, he was not afraid; this constitution was bad and they needed a new one, religion had nothing to do with it! They wanted to live and eat and he first was a human and not a Muslim. I was surprised about his statement because normally, taxi drivers belong to the less educated. I asked if he was a Muslim Brother and he replied, no, no! His religion was Allah and the one in his heart, but it had to stay out of politics. The snowball rolls…

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