Monday, June 18, 2012

Simply hot

Very trivial: it’s hot. May was already much too hot. Now we are in the middle of June and temperatures climb up to 40° C in the shadow. Being in the sun feels as if I was moving about in an oven, as the case may be with the hot air switched on or off. The hot air switched on has the advantage that sweat dries immediately in the clothes and on the body; switched off also has an advantage: sand and dust remain stuck on the earth and so does sweat on the body.

Actually, it shouldn’t get hotter here on the Red Sea, neither in July nor in August. But who knows? Egypt is always up to all kind of surprises J.

The best place to be at the moment is consequently in (not at) the sea, elsewhere only air condition provides some cooling. Not even having a shower is cooling off – except if one gets up to have a shower at five in the morning.

Those less fortunate even works in the blazing sun or in overheated microbuses, cafés, cabs, shops etc. Hats off to them! The one who says people from the South are less assiduous should do their job for a while.

I can’t, although I quite well put up with the heat. But I need my siesta and I prefer doing shopping and get other things done outside at night – when there are still 30° C…

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