Sunday, June 24, 2012

Egypt’s new president…

… is Mohamed Mursy, a Muslim brother. I watched the announcement of the supervision election committee live on Al Jazeera. What a tedious blah blah blah for rigged elections!

When the winner was finally announced, I almost felt sick. But this would also have happened if Ahmed Shafiq would have been the winner.

Then, I told myself that it is comforting that
  • Mursi won’t have much power,
  • the parliament will have to be re-elected and there will hardly be an Islamic majority,
  • he and his party made many concessions to the liberals and to the minorities of the country during the recent days
  • SCAF is not interested in an Islamic state.

I would have betted that Shafiq would become president. However, after the various shady moves by the SCAF days before, I started to doubt. Yet the result is the same: power is with the military.

Remains to wait and see which deals the military and the Muslim brothers have agreed upon and how clever the liberals will act. Important steps have to be made: the constitution needs to be written and a parliament has to be elected. And sooner or later the ruler should take care about the economy, education, health, infrastructure, growth of the population and and and and….

Never in his life B. has been thinking of emigrating although some of his relatives live abroad and therefore, his chances are good to get a Visa. But now his fear is so big that he is seriously reflecting whether he should leave his country. He’s a Copt.

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