Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Power games – deadly serious

Even before the ballot stations closed, the SCAF struck with another poker game: they announced another decree to the transitional constitution allowing them more or less complete power over all state functions.

Whoever will be nominated as the next president – he will not execute his office for a long time.

It is said to be a “soft” coup by the military leaders. And there are many rumours: on Thursday – when the election results should be announced – there would be blood. Since Monday already, both candidates let themselves celebrate as winners just as if they wanted to create facts. People are recommended to buy food on stock because there would be a curfew (over Cairo?).

SCAF has decided providently that civilians who behave “suspiciously” can be arrested by the military police. And the Muslim brothers don’t know better as calling for new demonstrations. They want their president and if they don’t get him it would be vote rigging and they thread with more upheavals. And with a second revolution. Especially they who were notably absent in February 2011.

One of my Egyptian „students“ said that the Interior Ministry’s police is one thing – but the Military police is something else. Bad times seem to come. Even me, I don’t have a good feeling. How much can be destroyed by the greed for power.

For the past one and half a year, I’ve been sitting in a theatre called world scene and observe a stage play, in which a country is being destroyed by those who merely focus on their own (economical resp. religious) interests. It’s a first grade drama.

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