Sunday, June 17, 2012

Honest elections?

Yesterday and today, Egyptians may decide between the two worst representatives to become the next president: either an Islamic state whose representatives are liars or back to the old dictatorship. Of course, Shafiq does not communicate the latter one but promises democracy and no way back to the old system.

People are torn within. Whom should they vote for? Which one is the lesser of the two evils? (It’s not about who is the better one out of the two!). Therefore, many Egyptians don’t vote at all or submit a void ballot, some even write on it: “down with the military” and “down with the Muslim brothers”.

The rigging continues cheerfully. Some ballots have been discovered that were already ticked for Mohamed Mursi. Officially, it was due to a “printing mistake” and the ballots were replaced.

The funniest of all news however is the following: allegedly, pens with ink to get invisible after a while were used in some polling stations! Egyptians really do have plenty of fantasy – whether this news is correct or a mere hoax.

The Muslim brothers have challenged the constitutional court’s decision according to which the parliament is unconstitutional. The SCAF has given order for the parliament’s dissolution and soldiers are deployed at the entrances of the parliament house in order to deny ministers to get in.

These elections aren’t honest as well. But this does not really matter. Maybe they are the last elections for a long time. In discussions people tell me, that with the next elections after four years, everything would be better. But I doubt that there will be a “next time” at all. The play “democracy for Egypt” is over for the time being, participants are put away, the rules of the game are torn and the play board is drowned in the Nile. Now, the remains are getting cleaned up and then daily routine continues as before 25 January 2011.

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