Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Star in the desert

This morning, I went for a long trip on my bicycle, haven’t had the time since long. A long trip means to me also, to capture many impressions and surprises.

There were the workers at the columns of the electric power line waving their arms to greet me – far away from Hurghada, in the middle of nowhere. The drivers of the forty-ton lorries passed by me with a decent space, horning and waiving.

But something else attracted my attention: about five meters away from the road, I saw something small, unusual in the sand. White ribbons where flapping in the wind… I cycled on, yet after some meters I stopped and went back. I put my bicycle on the ground and after few steps, I reached…

… the memorial. Jakob, 22 years old, died here on August 12, 2010, in a car accident. The flapping ribbons carried greetings in German, English, French and Arabic. I was deeply touched.

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