Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dark night in Egypt

Two days after the dreadful happenings in Cairo, I’ve tried to get an idea about it. It’s hard to find words for this nightmare, but nevertheless, I want to inform you. What happened on Sunday night is equal to the attacks on Copts in New Year’s Eve in Alexandria (Objective: Coptic Churches) and the so-called “battle of the camel” at the beginning of the uprising in February.

Obviously, the Western media are presenting the occurrences as a sectarian strife between Christians and Muslims. That’s superficial. The Egyptian State Television reported that Copts were attacking the military and called for a civil war!!!! State TV employees have meanwhile distanced themselves from their employer. Too late, it’s done.

I watched a number of videos and read several blogs and eye witnesses‘ accounts. They all reflect the same: protesters were attacked by plain clothed men and the military brutally cracked them down. Army cars drove zigzagging into the crowd and deadly crushed them. A video shows how a single man is beaten up by several dozens of soldiers. The soldiers are dragging the inanimate body along the street until another plain clothed man takes it up and wants to carry it away. Thereby, he gets beaten by the soldiers as well. Another video shows the gathering of the demonstrators and the beginning of their peaceful march. Only a couple of meters later do they get greeted by a cordon of armed plain clothed men and get attacked. Eye witnesses report that soldiers lead groups chanting “Where are you Christians, this is Islam!” Some dead bodies were reportedly just dumped into the Nile by soldiers.

The Supreme Counsel of the Armed Forces has ordered an investigation. That’s nice. Some culprits will be found – mainly low ranking state employees, some thugs maybe too – and the truth will be hushed up, kept secret.

And who is behind all? History will unveil it, yet until then, Egypt will have to go through a lot of suffering. It’s unbelievable for me to see how unfit and helpless this country is being governed at present. I repeatedly ask myself (and not only I do that!) if all this does not happen intentionally.

The uprising, almost affectionately called „Arab spring“, has turned into a gloomy autumn.

PS: I attach neither videos nor links, they can be easily found in internet. Those who want to know more may contact me.

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