Sunday, October 16, 2011

My unspoilt world

When I was a child, I didn’t want to grow up. I simply didn’t like what adults did. They spoke about love and friendship and that we children shouldn’t brawl. However, at the same time did I realize that adults argued, lied and cheated. I saw war and violence.

I lived on in an ideal world where human beings were honest and kept their promises. In spite of my inner resistance, I eventually grew up. So I fit myself with a thick, transparent glass cover and pretended to live in a perfect world. Yet alas, I lacked power and energy to defend my ideal world and so it happened repeatedly that something penetrated from outside through the glass cover and my unspoilt world got a crack, a fracture, a dent.

I read books about history and fates and tragedies and was unable to conceive that all this was possible. TV news showed pictures of the unconceivable... while I preferred to dream of liberty, equality and equity.

Protected by my glass cover, I stepped out into the adult’s world. There, where disputes, lies, poverty, power struggles and wars reflected reality. I walked on although my perfect world started to get damaged by what I saw. My unspoilt world gradually became smaller.

During the last couple of months, my thick, transparent glass cover burst. My perfect world of tolerance, respect and acceptance has fallen apart. What remains is only a tiny grain – which I keep in a place, where no-one can get hold of it.

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