Monday, October 10, 2011

Copts again

All day long, I did not have the opportunity to read any online news. Only shortly before midnight, a friend told me if I knew what was happening in the country. No…?

Al Masry Al-Youm has established a live-ticker: according to eye-witnesses there were again thugs that have attacked demonstrators (this time Copts who were demonstrating against their omnipresent repression and discrimination as well as for the reconstruction of the recently destroyed church in Aswan). After midnight, the thugs even began to attack a Coptic hospital and tried to destroy shops owned by Cops. Further according to eye-witnesses, soldiers were assaulted while trying to protect demonstrators. That’s Cairo. Similar events are happening in Alexandria and other governorates.

At least, politicians realize: behind these attacks is someone who wishes to spread chaos. It does not remind only me to the infamous “camel battle” in February: it’s a planned massacre. Egypt should break apart.

And again, again and once more: how is this possible? Why are neither the police nor the military able to avoid such a slaughter? Or are they just not willing? Who is behind these attacks? The Copts themselves? The remnants of the old regime? The Muslim Brotherhood? The Islamists? Why does the secret service not have a hint of the planned strike?

24 dead and more than 200 persons injured (01.35am); there’s a curfew starting at 2am. Elections are coming soon… for what else do we have to prepare ourselves?

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