Friday, July 27, 2012

Finally a cycling mate

Early in the morning, I was crossing the street after having walked and jogged in the desert and saw – oh dear! – another cyclist! But too late to call him: he was already driving down the road and I only saw the helmet, a blue shirt and two drinking bottles behind the saddle just as triathletes keep them. This was some weeks ago.

Early in the morning, I was riding my bicycle on the inner ring road when a car stopped in front of me giving me the sign to stop beside. As usual, I passed by since I do not appreciate the usual silly small talk of Egyptians who are trying to pick up a foreign lady or just want to take a picture (as it happened last year in Ramadan). Yet, the car came alongside and a young guy asked me politely if I usually rode in the mornings. I affirmed and he said he too was cycling regularly. He asked if we could have a ride together the following Friday. Before I agreed, I asked some questions about his bicycle and his shirt – and I knew that he was the one I had seen before. This was some three weeks ago.

Early in the morning today, we already went for our second ride, fighting the opposing wind and enjoying the tailwind together, enjoying not to have to ride alone in the deserted streets. After more than a year, since Sussie has left, I’ve found another cycling mate and we hope to find some more in Hurghada. In these blazing summer days we start at 6 am. Who wants to join?


  1. I've been sitting here for quite a while now and reading your posts. You made me laugh as well as cry. I think this blog has important aspects, and you write very well. I will, with joy, follow you. Keep up the good work :)


  2. We are a couple in our 50ies and we are planning to visit Hurghada as tourists for one week to 10 days in December or January.
    We wonder whether it would be possible to hire bicycles. If so, maybe we could join you on one of your little tours.

    Gisela and Rainer in Switzerland

    1. Hi Gisela and Rainer, no, there are no racing bicycles to be hired here. In El Gouna, you can find mountainbikes, however.
      Maybe, I could get some from Cairo. Please send me email, if this might be of interest for you.

  3. Hi! I was happy to find your blog as I'm thinking of coming next week to Hurghada/El Gouna and do a bit of cycling. I'm a triathlete but don't want to travel with my bike. Is there still no place to rent a road bike in the area ? A mountain bike would do it too, so would you have a place to recommend to hire one ? Thank you so much for the info !

  4. Hi Damien, there is a place in El Gouna, but I don't know where exactly. Once you're there, check with customer services in El Gouna. Only mountainbikes though. Wish you good luck.


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