Monday, July 9, 2012

Mursi: war declaration?

Yesterday, Mursi issued a decree declaring the dissolution of the parliament invalid and that parliament should convene.

During the election campaign he claimed he would respect the judge’s decision.

He’s a liar – nothing new about that.

When I read this news I thought that this looked like a war declaration to the SCAF. An open confrontation against the most powerful institution in the country? Against the one that helped him and the Muslim brothers to gain power?


Maybe not. Don’t forget that the Muslim brothers never protested and they never called for demonstrations against the SCAF but always sought and apparently found chime.

There is another possibility (among many): SCAF and the Muslim brothers are in cahoots together. Mursi may show heroic actions in order to avoid losing his face. On the other hand, nobody gets hurt because the SCAF will have its reaction ready. The system of (un-)justice is at its disposal.

Bad bunch.

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