Wednesday, February 1, 2012

One disaster after the other

It doesn’t stop! There have been several (tempted and successful) raids on banks, currency exchange offices and a post office within a few days only. No police and no security to prevent them!

And tonight: over 70 killed after a football game in Port Said!?!? The security could not (or did not want to) protect the footballers and fans being attacked.

I am really curious to know what the parliament is going to say tomorrow on its emergency meeting and if it takes action instead of just talking. And the SCAF? Are again the “invisible hands” to be blamed?

It rather looks as if Mubarak and his regime are fulfilling its promises: „There will be havoc behind me“.

Compared to this news, yesterday’s earthquake at 4.4 Richter was downright harmless. However, I felt very concerned, because it was one of the strongest earthquakes in this region during the last couple of months.

I wrote on one of my blogs that I could not imagine that things could get worse… Well, I admit, I was completely mistaken.

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