Friday, February 24, 2012

Each to his own

Tourists from I-don’t-know-where are strolling idly beside me. They are only flimsily dressed which is not unusual. They wear what people where on holiday: sleeveless t-shirts, shorts, sandals, sun glasses, sun hat and sun burn.

Unusual however, are these kinds of clothes with these temperatures: 19 degrees Celsius in the shadow and a cool breeze. As much as I looked surprised in the past at Egyptians wearing a lumber jack or a warm jacket, do I wonder nowadays about tourists dressed as we were in midsummer.

I admit: I am among those now who wear a lumberjack or woollen pullover at temperatures of 25 degrees and feel quite comfortable with it! Crazy? Come and spend a winter in non-isolated buildings where the temperature drops to 16 degrees Celsius at nights and climbs to 18 degrees for the lucky ones! J

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