Friday, February 3, 2012

Cyclist’s encounters

My experiences sometimes accumulate while riding my racer. Recently, I was once more stopped by the police. First, I ignored their “Hello”-calls out of their car beside me – because this frequently happens. Yet then, I had no other choice than to stop and get off. A tall man introduced himself politely as a police man. Somehow vexed I asked for his identification. What did they want again from me?
A short while before, I saw that there was police on the outer motorway, where they can never be found. The police man asked me where I was heading to and where I was from.
To my big surprise he was worried about me and thought I was lost! An hour ago, a group of cyclists had passed by on their way from Cairo to Aswan, under police protection. And if I want to cycle to Aswan alone, I will not need a special permission – is the information I got as well.
I had to bury this plan last winter because of the revolution. So I wanted to realise it this winter. However, last weeks’ events with bank robberies and kidnappings don’t really make me feel very confident. L
Only few days later, another police car was driving beside me. The police man asked the general where-do-you-come-from-where-do-you-go-questions and greeted me with a smiling “welcome to Alaska!” Oh dear, that day, the sky was covered with dark heavy clouds and it was really cold.
Today I had to stop on the road to answer a phone call. For once I laid my bicycle down and soon a car stopped to ask if I needed help. Five minutes later, another car stopped! At least I know now, that in case of emergency there would be assistance immediately – that’s a comforting feeling, indeed.
If only, all Egypt would again be like that!

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