Friday, February 17, 2012

Finally in paradise

It needs either good luck or a certain effort to make it to paradise. Or rather both.

Lucky I was, since it was offered to me. However, it was not love at first sight although I had been here before. For my swim trainings.

And I had to make big efforts: I cleaned many hours in order to get rid of the carelessness of the previous tenant. It was awful. I became ill, had to fight against food poison. And I had to pack my belongings and move. Everything at once and all mixed up.

Yet, it was worth it: I live now in paradise. Precisely in “Paradise Village”, an Italian compound. It’s a neat residence with Italian trattoria, German bakery, small supermarket, swimming pool, terrace and a small garden. In the afternoons, chill out or Italian music is discretely played. People greet each other – something I as a “country bumpkin” missed a lot. The first friendly “Buon giorno” almost left me speechless. The second one opened a chat with a French lady.

It’s an oasis of privacy, cleanliness and friendliness. It’s finally a place to recover, to relax, to be and to stay. A paradise amidst Egypt’s daily chaos.

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