Sunday, May 27, 2012

After the shock

Hope dies last – it’s a nice saying. The first shock about the election results has settled down a bit (at least with me).

However, not yet among the Egyptians. But the situation does not look as completely black as it did 48 hours ago. Egypt is always good for any kind of surprises, and so it will be in this deadlock situation. Why?

I never expected the presidential elections to be honest and correct. But now there is a concentrated charge of accusations and indictments regarding vote rigging that is astonishing. For example, about eight (others say five) millions of more voters are listed compared to the parliamentary elections in November 2011. Egypt seems to have suffered (or enjoyed?) from a tremendous population explosion between November 2011 and May 2012! Then, results are going round that show that Ahmed Shafiq received 900’000 votes less than Hamdeen Sabbahi – this would place Sabbahi as second. Furthermore, ballot cards have again been found on the street. And ballot boxes have been discovered that had already contained ballot cards for Mohamed Mursi before the official start of the elections.

The losing candidates Hamdeen Sabbahi and Amr Moussa have filed an application to suspend the elections because of alleged vote rigging and irregularities, and until it has been settled if Ahmed Shafiq is eligible at all. This is not definitely clear yet. In addition, an application for corruption and profiteering is on the way against Ahmed Shafiq.

A member of the parliament demanded Mohamed Mursi to step back as a presidential candidate in order to save the revolution and to let Hamdeen Sabbahi pass to the run-offs. This is an exciting idea but the Muslim brothers would never act as honourable as that – their greed for power is their agenda.

These are just a few examples about what has happened since the first results appeared. The lawfulness of the election results can be challenged until tonight. By every news line coming in, I’m getting more and more confident that there will be a surprising way out of this deadlock. The situation remains exciting… and very hot.

The election commission has decided that Ahmed Shafiq and Mohamed Mursi will stand in the run-offs in Mid-June.

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