Friday, May 18, 2012

Presidential elections coming soon (II)

What is it about in the candidates’ campaigns?
At first sight: about religion.
At second sight: about religion.

It seems that Egypt is going to elect its next religious leader next week. This is at least my impression and I am not the only one. It only seems to be important, whether a candidate is very religious or moderately religious. There are secular candidates, but they don’t have a chance.

Besides, it’s about: is he a representative of the old regime, yes or no? It seems to be of little importance at the moment, however, it is not and we will soon know better.

The campaigns are about religion, about the veil, about the sharia, at first. And then about Israel: the peace treaty and the gas delivery should be re-negotiated.

This vote catching results in strange constellations:
The ultraorthodox Salafists support the moderate Abu El Fatouh (ex-Muslim brother; perhaps the Salafists want to score off the Muslim brothers). At the same time, Abu El Fathouh is also trying to gain the liberals’ votes. How?
The Muslim brothers’ candidate, Mohamed Morsi, wants to adopt the sharia although the MBs always pretended to be moderate.

Hardly anything is heard about how the country’s real problems should be faced. Education, infrastructure, jobs, unemployment, security, poverty and women’s rights seem to be unimportant. Ostensibly, it’s about the religion and the much hated Israel.

And hardly anyone realizes this.

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