Saturday, November 24, 2012

Moursi overrules the state

Moursi’s Thursday’s constitutional declaration has put himself above the separation of powers, above jurisdiction and above the constitution (that does not even exist at present). Online media call him now “pharaoh” since he virtually has declared himself infallible – and this even retroactively!

When I got to know this Thursday night, I couldn’t get off my eyes from internet, waited for reactions. I asked myself, if the Egyptians would put up with this as well. Yet the reaction came right away: the constitutional court declared to defend its independence to the bitter end. Then I went to bed because Friday early morning we cycled once again to El Quesir – that meant to stay without news all day.

In a breath, Moursi also dismissed the general prosecutor (he tried to do this already a month ago) and swore in a new prosecutor. Probably to appease the people, he decided to reopen the cases against Mubarak and the members of the old regime as well as those responsible for the killing of protestors. By doing so, he pretends to protect the revolution… The one that was stolen by the Muslim Brothers?

The Egyptians don’t put up with this, and yesterday, all hell broke loose. Protests by the opposition have been announced anyway, yet Moursi’s doing added fuel to the fire. The revolution continues and people finally fight back again. Many have realised meanwhile that the Muslim Brothers are also liars and Moursi is only another face for dictatorship. Since January 2011, nothing has improved for the people.

I was rather disappointed about Hillary Clinton’s praise for Moursi for his brokering a truce between Hamas and Israel. This made him boisterous and self-confident. The USA is supporting the bearded. For how long? As long as the MB accomplish the balancing act between being Hamas’ friend and respecting the peace treaty with Israel. This can’t go on for long.

By the way, I wonder: where is the military? Many really believe the fairy tale that Moursi has “disempowered” the military. How long will they accede in this play and when will they show their true face again? If the MB were serious with enforcing the revolution they would long ago have made accountable the real power holders and profiteers!

Their (the MB’s) greed will break their neck sooner or later. Hopefully sooner…

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