Tuesday, November 27, 2012

„Erhal Moursi“

„go ارحل يعني!“ and „no ارحل يعني“ („go“ (in Arabic) means „go“ in English / „no“ (in Arabic) means „no“ in English) and other funny chants could I hear tonight.

On my way to Dahar, I was surprised to see that people in the street and in shops continued their routine. I arrived at the big round-about in Dahar: still nothing. I walked towards the courthouse and there I saw them: a group of protesters, starting their march. I took out my camera to take pictures from the posters and people, deciphered an Arabic banner… and heard somebody calling my name: my Arabic teacher S. in the first row!

From that point on, I was one of them. We walked to the big round-about and further all the way through Nassr Street and to Sekalla, and still further till the “Central”. Again and again the group halted and chanted at the top of their voices and with megaphones “we are the people”, “go Moursi”, “you (the Muslim Brothers) are Egyptians as well”, “the people demand the purging of the system”, “Muslims and Christians are one”, “we don’t want the Muslim Brothers” etc. The demands were accentuated by tambourines and hand clapping.

Women held their hands or linked arms with each other, tried to stay close to one another. As soon as we were about to drown in the crowd, S. pulled me and her friend forward, there where there was more space. The men hold their hands forming a human chain to protect us from traffic and other surprises. Passers-by stopped on the street and the side-walks, came out of shops and buildings, stood on balconies and joined with quickly designed card-board-posters. They joined with kit and caboodle. I carried a small child for a while so that it could rest a bit.

For sure, I was the only foreigner. A woman on my left asked me if I knew what all was about? Hm… yes, roughly… I’m an ignorant foreigner, am I not?

However, what I did not know when I went out, is that I’d walk six or eight km in sandals. I have blisters and my legs hurt. The blisters will disappear, the memories won’t.

And what about the rest of Egypt? Protests everywhere…

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