Friday, December 16, 2011

This time the military

Once again, violent attacks on protestors. Once again. people standing on roofs throwing down stones, glass, molotov cocktails and furniture on protestors. Once again, gunshots. Once again, there are injured and dead people. Once again, state TV is informing about attacks by protestors against the military (sic)!

Yet there is also something new: the (independent) media clearly calls the attackers by their name: the military. Up to now, it was either the police, the central security police or hired thugs. But now it’s the military! Photos and eye witnesses tell that even women of all age, with head scarves and fully veiled were brutally beaten as well.

All this after the transition Prime Minister El-Ghanzouri promised: no violent banishment of demonstrators any more. He allegedly has received full power – except the one over the military. Exactly!

Once again questions linger: what’s the military’s aim? What’s the SCAF’s aim? What will happen next in this country that is tumbling faster after each sunrise?

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