Sunday, December 18, 2011

Shadows of the night

The sand is absorbing the determined, firm steps. No moon. Pitch dark. The wall’s shadows can be discerned only faint-heartedly. Yet after a while, they are shaping forms: roofs, balconies, windows, doors. Somewhere, a dog is barking without any reason until another dog joins this useless barking.

Otherwise, everything is quiet. On the black night sky, sparkling spots are shining. They stay up there recklessly and firmly, squandering their timeless beauty randomly on all those who care to see them. The steps hesitate… halt in order to catch this beautiful view up there.

Something unknown… dark… is moving off the way. Amidst the darkness. It takes the breath away, the steps hasten, the eyes let go of the beauty in the sky and unconfidentially grab hold of the dark. Nothing can be seen, nothing can be heard. However, the shadow approaches. Two shadows. Many shadows. The pulse races, the steps remain firm and determined.

The tall and slim shadows hover as in dancing over the uneven ground. The sand is absorbing their steps; their long flittering robes merge with the dark of the night. They disappear behind a wall… just to emerge anew some seconds later. They approach and dissolve again in the darkness’ twilight.

The street is near; the street lights cast its warm light into the dark. What a relief.

Yet… what is going on there, in the darkness?

The shadows vividly move to and fro. Silent laughter sounds over… Teenagers in the dark. Long caftans playing tag, a child’s play. What else? How foolish!

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