Saturday, September 10, 2011

Israeli Embassy attacked

Israel’s Embassy in Cairo has been attacked – this was the first news I read this morning. First I thought: oh no, not that? Is there anything more stupid coming to their mind?

For months, one terrible news follows another in this country. Last week’s events reflect what is going on:

  • All over the country, post employees are on strike; that means many people can’t obtain cash and companies are blocked
  • Football fans are clashing with the police and recently have mixed with demonstrators
  • Islamists want to ban bikinis and alcohol – goodbye tourism
  • In future, individually travelling tourists should request their visa from the Egyptian Embassy in their respective countries prior to travelling to Egypt, instead, as until now, upon arrival at the airport
  • At former President Mubarak’s trial including his sons, former interior minister El Adly and his aids, turmoils occur regularly: lawyers yell at and physically attack each other, family members of those died during the uprising do the same; the judge has to stop the hearings repeatedly because of those turmoils; outside the police academy – where the trial is held – Mubarak supporters and opponents end up in bloody clashes.
  • Every Friday – for seven months already! – there are demonstrations on Tahrir square in downtown Cairo – yesterday supported by many cities all over the country

If lawyers behave uncivilised in front of a judge, what is going on in the middle and lower class people’s head and soul? Sheer fury, anger, hatred, frustration – nothing else.

Is this the reason why Israel’s Embassy has been attacked? How is it possible that an Embassy is not being protected more carefully by his host country? Especially after the recent border disputes during which Egyptian guards were shot “unintentionally”? Or is there maybe reckoning behind? Is there a group that is interested to sow more instability and conflicts? The Near East is alaready in an upheaval… Yet what if the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt becomes void and Israel finds itself „alone“ amidst of „Arabs“? What else will we have to face then?

What initially seemed to be a rather stormy, but controllable wave, is gradually developing to a mature tsunami: the enormous waves that are rushing all over Egypt from all sides (even from within) are on the verge of destroying everything.

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