Sunday, August 7, 2011

The sun

Just sun. Blue sky, wind, sun. Nothing else. No clouds, no fog, no rain, no temperature drop.

This is how it is here. Every day.

After a month’s holiday in my home country I realised once more how very important the sun is for our humour, our well-being, for me. The second half of my holiday was soaked with rain, grey and resembled late autumn rather than summer. People around me became more and more frustrated and me too, of course.

One may wrinkle one’s nose about Egypt because little is as perfectly organised and styled as it is in the first world. Not everything suits me as well. For example, parts of Hurghada suffered these days from power cuts that lasted several hours (I was miraculously spared from it). That’s not really great fun with temperatures close to 40°C in the shadow. It is impossible to stay in the flat, to sleep and food in the fridge and freezer can be destroyed.

But: to get up in the morning… and it’s sunny outside with a spotlessly blue sky! Imagine! That’s good. That’s real well-being.

I send to all of you who are missing the sun a bit, lots of

from my heart!

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