Sunday, July 20, 2014

Butchering in the Gaza strip

This morning, I had already started a text about Israel and Hamas, but soon I deleted it. Yet now, I cannot contain myself anymore:

Only today, at least hundred civilians (that are real human beings: babies, small children, teenies, mothers, fathers, elderly, disabled!!!!) have been wilfully butchered. The pictures show cruelty, they show people seeking shelter in basements. I cannot understand why nobody wants or can stop those lunatics… or should they not be stopped at all? Hamas sacrifices Palestinians and Israel does the same. Do human lives not count at all in politics? Do we live in the darkest middle age? Who gains from this slaughter? Spontaneously, I see: jihadists, especially IS (the new Islamic State that is in my view the next, most serious danger outside of the region). Hence, Hamas is digging its own grave and Israel provokes a savage war.

The attacks are happening in Ramadan, the holy month of the Muslims – this is like our Christmas and Easter. Hundreds of thousands have fled to where ever and several hundreds of Palestinians were killed these days by Israelis.

The Near and Middle East hosts already enough extremist and jihadist-groups and their hateful worriers with Al Qaida, Ansar Bait El-Maqdis, the Muslim Brothers, IS, Jabhat Al Nusra, Hamas and others.

Hate breeds only more hate. How hateful must the Palestinians be with good reason? By this butchering, only more hate will be incited and more bloodthirsty jihadists will be born!
Does nobody really see the danger coming from the Near and Middle East for the adjacent regions? Is the West so happy that all the jihadists bustle in this region and that they have allegedly got rid of them? The shot might sooner or later turn to be a boomerang. Nobody intervenes, to beware Palestinians, Syrians and Iraqis from these extremists – this won’t go well for long. Beware of what lies ahead of us!


The ultimate inhumanity show Israelis, sitting outside in the evening, watching rocks bursting in the Gaza strip and cheering them as well as celebrating each dead Palestinian.
How lowlife!

I feel ashamed about the silent Western politicians!

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