Thursday, April 26, 2012

Next slap into the face

The (Islamist dominated) parliament has submitted a law in order to avoid that any representative of the old regime may become the next Egyptian President. This disenfranchisement law was duly approved and published by the SCAF.

Ahmed Shafiq – Mubarak’s last Vice-President after his stepping back, long-standing minister and ex-air force commander – was out of race.

Yet to give up was not an option for Shafiq and yesterday, he appealed this decision. And what a surprise: the high court approved his appeal today and that’s why Shafiq may run for presidency! The court did not give any reasons for its decision – rumours say that the court wanted to avoid further appeals and a delay in the elections.

What a joke!

After Omar Suleiman got out of the race, the SCAF has again “his” candidate. He has decade-long military experience, is faithful to the old regime and no Islamist. The Islamists will be furious. They cannot even agree for a single common candidate to support. Their own “alternative” candidate Mohamed Mursi has little chances. And the one that unites sympathy from Islamists, liberals and old regime loyalist – Abuel Fatouh, ex-Muslim brother – might lose those voices on Shafiq. Same might happen to Amr Moussa.

It seems, by the way, that today’s court decision might put into question the constituency of the presidential elections.

I wonder with what idea (not if!) the Islamists will come up next?

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